Autumn Leaf IT – Academy

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At the Academy we stand firmly behind the idea that true leadership is rooted in values. The mission of character development is to help young leaders build their foundation of values and character strengths that last a lifetime.  AUTUMN LEAF IT strives to provide students with skills and competencies through project-based learning that will allow them to make a positive impact on their communities.

AUTUMN LEAF IT pays their interns a monthly salary. Though employment is not guaranteed, our interns are up skilled well enough to fit into the marketplace.

AUTUMN LEAF IT interns are contracted for four months at a time. On recruitment we take the learners on a journey through the technical landscape that is out there. We show them the opportunities that exist to establish their careers. We set them up with the necessary equipment – laptops, headphones and screens. Interns install Linux on their own machines. We then introduce them to different streams of learning, from operations and infrastructure to data analysis, devops and application development. A strong emphasis is placed on the team dynamic amongst the interns and the Autumn Leaf employees.

There is no ‘survivor’ mentality; individuals do not compete against eachother. During the course of the 4 months we monitor the teams closely, allowing the individuals to set their own pace at which they are most effective. Strength of personality, passion and an eagerness to learn along with traditional values are important to ensuring a positive, happy work environment.

Individuals are paired up with teams within Autumn Leaf to provide mentorship and exposure to real world projects and work activities.

The learners are assessed weekly by the senior staff, communication being key to their success. After the four month period the interns are either allocated to an existing AUTUMN LEAF IT client, may continue their learning based on skill and requirement or alternatively given notice that the Internship will end whereby they have an additional month to find employment. AUTUMN LEAF IT assists the interns with finding such employment.

What is an Internship?

An internship is an official program offered by an employer to potential employees. Interns work either part time or full time at a company for a certain period of time. Internships are most popular with undergraduates or graduate students who work between one to four months and have a goal to gain practical work or research related experience.

The modern concept of internships essentially springs from the medieval apprenticeship, in which skilled craftsmen would teach a young person their trade and, in exchange, that person would agree to work for the teacher for a certain length of time.