Autumn Leaf Academy Hub

Autumn Leaf spends a lot of resources, time and effort on providing to the community and encouraging diversity, growth and learning. The AL academy is a programme that promotes organic growth and development with diversity as a driving force. The Academy is an 8 month bridging programme used to provide interns with a strong skills foundation in IT. A ‘flipped’ self-paced and guided best practice learning approach is adopted. Academy graduates are introduced into IT projects through a formal, managed ingestion cycle. A substantial part of the bridging covers life skills and business skills. In our experience bridging requires an holistic approach to ensure that an interns introduction in the corporate world is successful, smooth and rewarding.




We search far and wide for candidates with the right aptitude and attitude that we can shape to become successful in IT. We carefully align Academy placements with business and customer needs.




Learn about business ethics and values. The importance of communication in business, managing yourself and being part of a team. Time management, agile and project management principles and practices.




Learn Linux, networking, Python, cloud, security and basic data management.





Teams shift focus to specific technical streams – e.g. devops, data engineering, machine learning engineer.





Mini projects – both individual and group. Exposure to internal live projects and mentoring relevant to the allocated streams.




Placement in projects and live environments. Academy closely interacts, monitors and supports.