AWS Services

The AWS Cape Town region was officially launched and is available from 22 April 2020.  There are three availability zones (af-south-1a, af-south-1b, af-south-1c) and we have created test workloads in Cape Town.
Key Considerations for running workloads in Cape Town:
  • AFRICA - This has created local jobs and will have a profoundly positive impact in our country and on our economy.  Something to support and be immensely proud of.
  • CONNECTIVITY - takes away (mostly) the dependency on International SeaCom lines and provides National connectivity.  Note that this is mostly the case, but some services do need international access.
  • LATENCY - There will undoubtedly be latency improvements in speed.  We'll need to measure these but we can expect some significant improvements.
  • SCOPE OF SERVICES -Not all services are available in Cape Town.  Here is the list of available services.
  • COSTS - You can expect costs in the AWS region to be higher than other regions.  This is simply due to the higher costs of hosting in this region.  For example S3 costs in Ireland are $0.023/GB whilst in Cape Town it is $0.0274.
  • READINESS - At this stage, we would advise that it is used for non-production workloads whilst the central team perform some tests and monitoring of the environment.
  • SUPPORT - Much of the region information in terms of documentation and general descriptions are not yet in place.
Autumn Leaf and Obsidian are an official AWS partner supporting the AWS Africa region.  If anyone has any questions regarding the region, please feel free to contact our team.

Autumn Leaf / Obsidian in partnership with have comprehensive offerings built around Open Source, Big Data and AWS Cloud.  We have senior architects and specialists across our offerings and within our offerings.

The cloud journey involves change, technically, operationally, culturally and structurally Autumn Leaf / Obsidian can help transform teams and organisations to have a modern cloud-native, agile capability.

Each Service Offering consists of 3 Modules.  Modules are designed to ensure rapid delivery, lower TCO & accelerated time to value.

How does one determine the total cost of ownership?

Visibility is the key to determining the total cost of ownership. Depending on the business needs this can be spread over various lines of business or contained within a centralised department. As these costs won’t necessarily include the skills development and specialities required to perform the above tasks Autumn Leaf relieves the pressure on your resources.

What are the hidden costs, and does one uncover and quantify them?

Hidden costs can be difficult to determine all aspects of cloud including migration, automation, management, optimisation and a slew of tools that come with the complexity of a flexible and agile environment. Autumn Leaf provides the skills to architect, deploy and manage your cloud journey efficiently.

How does AWS help me manage my cloud budget?

Fortunately, AWS does offer a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator and monthly cost calculator for a broad range of options. Ask us how.

How can I improve my cloud cost management?

As with all good business practices where utilisation costs are required a specific policy which is clear and simple to follow for the cloud can set the baseline for resource allocations and prevent any abuse in this area. However, it shouldn’t stop there, continuous monitoring of resources and optimisation of usage to ensure compliance is essential.

Once added up, do the costs of the cloud outweigh the benefits of keeping everything on-prem?

Cloud environments will continue to be a part of the IT landscape disrupting the traditional on-prem, especially around infrastructure, where most customers are experiencing maximum benefits. 

What are some of the things I need to be aware of for unchecked costs of cloud computing?
As with all ‘shadow IT’ it will never be 100% eliminated, and sometimes one has to ask the question if the ability to try new and different tools or software would not aid in an organisation to be more forward-thinking and innovative? Why not allow for a percentage of spend available for ‘shadow IT’ and encourage a culture of curiosity? It would make it easier to audit and monitor this spend in your TCO for cloud services.

Autumn Leaf has nearly 100 cloud certifications with over 45 employees.  Skills are spread across cloud, big data and open source technologies.

Cloud native teams built around shared responsibility & competencies are critical to a sustainable cloud environment.  We can drive & augment teams with senior architects, specialists, juniors and internships.

Best Practice Review of the existing environment.  An AWS partner-led sponsored program.  Speak to us about a review and get $5k in AWS credits.