Autumn Leaf

Our Philosophy

Autumn Leaf is a trusted technology partner, able to help drive data-driven capabilities within organisations. We bring proven experience, maturity and best practice approaches to the fore, enabling the adoption of agile principles, governance and competencies and associated culture change. These changes uplift an organisations capability to become successful in the implementation of cloud, big data and artificial intelligence solutions. Work with us to learn how to become a cloud native, how to manage data quality and data integration, how to build a successful data science team, and how to securely and efficiently put these systems into production with best practice DevOps processes.


AWS is the market leader in Cloud services. AWS offers a comprehensive, mature but fast evolving suite of Cloud services that are scalable, flexible and cost effective. Autumn Leaf is an AWS Advanced Partner, enabling us to support organisations with their migration to the Cloud, far beyond basic ‘lift and shift’ capabilities, to the point of Cloud nativity, thereby realising the unique benefits that Cloud […]

Big Data

Traditional warehouses, ETL lifecycles and modeling methods are struggling to cope with the growing demands of the Vs of big data; increasing volume, variety, veracity and velocity. In an age of data proliferation and data democratization, organizations need to have data governance and compliance solutions in place. Autumn Leaf are experts in Hadoop, Spark and best practice approaches, such as separation of data from compute, […]

Data Flow

Data Integration and Data Quality are key parts of managing a data-driven business. Autumn Leaf are experts on ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) technologies such as Talend, Nifi and Glue. We manage data provenance/lineage, data governance, data stewardship and master data management, all in best practice Lambda or Kappa architectures, that support both streaming and batch processing.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are helping us to make sense of our data, and to sew these insights, real-time, into business processes and decision-making. Some examples include image recognition, Natural Language Processing, coupled with Bots, speech recognition and for the purposes of fraud detection. Autumn Leaf have solid experience in the automation, management, integration and support of these capabilities, into production-level systems.